Pulp capping treatment is often suggested as a conservative option to avoid the possible invasiveness of a root canal treatment when it isn’t absolutely necessary. In a traditional root canal treatment, the infected pulp and nerves from the inner chamber of the tooth are removed before cleaning and resealing the tooth. When the hard dentin of the tooth is decaying or damaged but the pulp has not yet been compromised by infection, our dentist, Dr. Leo Man, can use a pulp cap to preserve and protect the pulp.

The two main types of pulp caps are indirect pulp caps and direct pulp caps. An indirect pulp cap is typically used for children when damaged dentin reaches close to the pulp, meaning that only a small barrier stands between the pulp and further infection or damage. A cap is placed over the damaged dentin to shield it from damage and isolate it from infection.

A direct pulp cap is used when the removed infected dentin exposes the pulp but the pulp itself has not been infected or compromised. Direct pulp caps might also be used when a tooth has been damaged by a physical accident, chipping or cracking so that the pulp is exposed.

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